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Our Top 6 Best VPNs for Gaming

Whether you’re a real pro or just a gaming fanatic, a good VPN offers a multitude of advantages. From playing in regions you would normally not be able to play into saving money on buying new games altogether – VPNs take your game to a whole new level. But what exactly is a VPN, how does it work and which one is the best for gaming? We’ll help you answer all these questions and list our favorite gaming VPNs right in this article. Let’s get started.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN, also known as a Virtual Private Network, is nothing more than a software that runs on your computer or mobile device and alters your IP. In addition, it secures all traffic from and to your device, protecting your privacy online and hiding all your activity from the prying eyes of hackers – or worse, your ISP. Yes, you read that right. Your ISP can and will use your online activity against you, if given the chance. You can read more about that here. But connecting to a Virtual Private Network also has other benefits, such as hiding your IP from the websites you visit. This in turn protects you from advertisers following you everywhere you go. Double win if you ask me. Another big one is the ability to bypass censorship and geo-blocking. You see, most VPNs allow you to choose the location of the server you want to connect to. This way, you can access any site that would otherwise be blocked. How cool is that?

Why use a VPN for gaming?

Did you know your ISP can actually limit your internet speed when you’re doing something data-intensive online? Gaming definitely fits into that category. But a speed limit is the last thing you want when you’re gaming the night away. By using a VPN you can prevent your ISP from sticking their nose into your business. And that’s not all:
  • Enjoy unlimited access to game servers across the globe. Play your favorite geo-blocked game by using a VPN to change your IP address.
  • Avoid DDoS attacks by concealing your IP. Imagine your mid-game while being overpowered by requests during DDoS attacks – thereby avoiding being kicked out of your favorite game because of cheaters who have it in for you.
  • By getting an IP from a different country you can access game titles before any of your mates can. Or you might even get them cheaper because you can geo-spoof your way to a foreign country.
  • How about entering gaming competitions abroad by spoofing your IP?
  • Or pretend to be in a different country in order to connect with players abroad
All of these are great reasons to consider a gaming VPN.

The Best Gaming VPNs

Now that you know what a VPN does and why you need a VPN, it’s time for us to introduce you to our cherry-picked list of great gaming VPNs.

Here we go.

1. ExpressVPN – One of the Best VPNs for Gaming in 2023

ExpressVPN's homepage - Best VPNs for gaming

ExpressVPN is perfect for gaming. It has a multitude of servers ranging from 94 countries – which means you can pretend to be anywhere you want.

Its OpenVPN protocol offers high-class security and you can choose between TCP and UDP. The latter is advisable for gaming activities. Since it’s proven to unblock US Netflix, you can rest assured you that it lives up to its reputation when it comes to unblocking major gaming platforms. In addition, its speed is unparalleled.

ExpressVPN may not be the most budget-friendly of all VPNs, its excellent performance and round-the-clock customer service definitely makes up for the price.

2. UltraVPN

UltraVPN's homepage - Best vpns for gaming


UltraVPN makes for a great second choice. It’s got the speed as well as 123 server locations for you to choose from. It’s also slightly more affordable than ExpressVPN, making it perfect for the budget-aware among us.

3. SaferVPN

SaferVPN is great. No, it’s not the fastest option on this list and if you’re looking to play a real high-octane game, you may want to revisit any of the previous VPNs.

However, it’s affordable and offers a good price-to-quality ratio. It also has plenty of servers to choose from. Moreover, due to the servers not being too powerful, it’s recommended to choose a server near you for gaming purposes, in order to minimize the decrease in speed that naturally comes from connecting to a VPN.

If you’d like to know more, check out our full review here.

4. PrivacyWeb

PrivacyWeb offers absolute top-notch levels of security and a free trial, making it one of the most popular service providers on our site.

Have a go at it with their free trial and avoid the risk of purchasing a VPN subscription and not being able to access Disney’s streaming platform.

You can learn more about the features they have to offer here.

5. SurfShark

Surfshark's homepage - Best VPNs for gaming

SurfShark makes your gaming life a lot easier by allowing you to seamlessly switch between devices. The big advantage of using SurfShark is that it allows for an unlimited number of devices on one account.

And with over 800 different servers across 50 server locations, it doesn’t fail to impress when it comes to value either.

Do keep in mind that high-performance games might require a more powerful VPN.

6. CyberGhost

CyberGhost's homepage - Best VPNs for gaming

CyberGhost is perfect if you’re looking at hitting gaming competitions across the globe. It’s also extremely easy to use and is available across all popular platforms.

Fast servers and the ability to connect CyberGhost to a router, take this VPN to a whole new level of awesome.

Gamers can read up on this VPN here!

Conclusion: Best VPNs for Gaming

If you’re in search of the ultimate gaming VPN, your quest ends here. Although our selection of gaming VPNs may not be the longest, we’ve meticulously curated and thoroughly evaluated each and every service provider on our list.

Rest assured, we have full confidence that you’ll find a VPN within this list that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you prioritize speed or budget considerations, there’s an option tailored just for you.

Now, the only question left to answer is: “What game are we diving into tonight?”

Compare Our Top 3 VPNs


ExpressVPN horizontal logo

ExpressVPN offers excellent speeds so you can watch your favorite movies and shows on Netflix US, Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming platforms in HD. It’s currently offering a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. Plus, it works on all popular operating systems and devices, including gaming consoles and routers. And with its excellent security features, you’ll keep all of your data private and your devices safe.

Money-back Guarantee 30 day
Servers / Countries 160 server locations in 94 countries
Kill Switch Yes
Device / License 5
Mobile iOS, Android



Surfshark keeps all your family’s devices protected with a single subscription. Easy to use and has 24/7 live chat support. Best known for its low prices and specialization in leak detection and private search.

Get access to ad-blocking features to get rid of annoying ads and protect yourself from malware and phishing attacks.

Money-back Guarantee 30 day
Servers / Countries 3200+ server locations in 65 countries
Kill Switch Yes
Device / License Unlimited
Mobile iOS, Android


nordvpn logo

NordVPN encyrpts your data with military-grade AES-256 encryption. It is extremely secure and is used by governments and cybersecurity experts around the world.

NordVPN works with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more. This means you can view content that’s available in another region by simply changing your server location.

Money-back Guarantee 30 day
Servers / Countries 5251 server locations in 60 countries
Kill Switch Yes
Device / License 5
Mobile iOS, Android

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