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Top 5 Free Sports Streaming Webites in 2023


Do you want to watch sports for free? Soccer alone has 3.5 billion fans, and many of them can’t watch their favorite teams play. To make matters worse, many of the free sports streaming websites go down quickly or have broken streams.

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of free sports streaming websites that are known for reliability. But we have to warn you that there are some risks involved:

  • Streams going down and missing the game
  • Ads with potential malware
  • Geo-blocking 
  • Sites going down

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Don’t Have Time? Top 5 Sports Live Streams Quick Overview

  1. VIPRow Sports: If you want variety, this is the right site, and there’s no sign-up. Pop-ups are minimal, and you have a wide variety of sports to choose from, including baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, football, golf, UFC, and tons of others.
  2. FootyBite: Footy is a reliable site with no sign-up, but it does have a lot of pop-ups. The streaming selection is smaller, with options for basketball, football, and US football.
  3. fromHots: A great site with many sports channels and options to watch boxing, fighting, cycling, racing, football, and more.
  4. LiveTV: The LiveTV site takes a minimalistic approach and is easy to navigate. Primary sports are covered, including football/soccer with some basketball and hockey mixed in. No sign up required.
  5. CricFREE: CricFREE doesn’t require sign-ups and is a little disorganized, but they have a great selection of streaming options available, including boxing, cricket, tennis, football, and much more.

5 Best Sports Streaming Websites that are Free and Safe

1. VIPRow SportsFree sports streaming websites - VIPRow Sports homepage

As the top choice in our free sports streaming websites list, this is our go-to streaming platform for anything sports-related.


  • Virtually every sport
  • Boxing, MMA, Fighting, and WWE, too
  • On-demand options
  • No registration


VIPRow has one of the best user interfaces, categorizes streams perfectly, and also has a massive list of sports options. The platform is reliable, too.


Ads and pop-ups are less popular with VIPRow than some other sites, but you still need to be careful as many sites will have pop-ups for betting and casinos.

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2. FootyBite

Free sports streaming websites - FootyBite homepage

If you want to watch the footy, this is the best site for it. You’ll find that the main focal point is football, and the features are minimal.


  • News section
  • Sports live television
  • Streaming section
  • Focuses on footy
  • No registration


Footy offers a clean interface and is easy to use. Users will find that the focus on footy makes using the site simple and there are very few advertisements to get in your way, which is nice.


If you’re not a football/soccer fan, the other sites on this list will have better streaming options overall.

Like other free streaming sites, there are ads. A VPN like Private Internet Access can help you block these ads and protect your information. Read our full Private Internet Access review.

3. fromHots

fromHots homepage

A popular option for streaming live sports is fromHots. The platform has a lot of perks and features, but let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Easy time zone management
  • Long list of sports options
  • Multiple stream links


Streams often contain more than one link, the overall quality is good, and there’s no reason to register to use the site.


The main issue with this site is that there are many ads that make navigation feel like navigating a jungle. If you’re not careful, you’ll almost certainly click on a link that you didn’t mean to. Flash is also used on some streams, although the platform isn’t supported any longer.

If you can ignore the ads, streaming is smooth, and the quality is good.

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4. LiveTV

Free sports streaming websites - LiveTV homepage

One of the longest-lasting free sports streaming websites, LiveTV has a lot to love, including a simple interface that is less cluttered than many others.


  • Top broadcast sections
  • Popular video options
  • Archives
  • Results 
  • Much more


LiveTV has a lot of great features that other sites don’t offer. You can click on upcoming broadcasts, view recent scores, and even go through video archives. Streams are also good quality.


Sometimes, ISPs may throttle your site because the streams are high-quality. However, the site is well-planned and easy to use.

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5. CricFREE

Free sports streaming websites - CricFREE homepage

CricFREE is the last site on our list and offers:


  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Other sports
  • No sign-up requirement


CricFREE’s interface is simplistic, streams are fast, and content selection is based primarily on the sports listed above. Multiple streams of the same match are offered to help you stream games without concern that the stream will go down.


A primary concern with CricFree is that the platform has a lot of pop-ups. Remain cautious when clicking on links or when a pop-up opens. The platform works great otherwise.

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5 FAQs About Live Sports Free Streaming Sites

It depends. Free sports streaming sites are legal if it doesn’t stream pirated content. It is illegal to download or stream copyrighted content, so always do your basic research of the site before you stream online. 


If you want to watch live sports for free, it’s going to be difficult without the right tools at your disposal.
  • You’ll need to find the sites that are safe, and we’ve listed some of the best ones in the world in the list above for you.
  • Next, you’ll need to see whether the site requires you to sign up for an account.
  • When signing up, it may be in your best interest to use a new email address for your streaming activities instead of your personal one to avoid the risk of receiving a ton of spam in the process. 
In fact, our next answer will help you start steaming free sports content effortlessly.


If you want to access streaming sites safely, you can do so in the following steps:
  1. Use an ad-blocker: Since many of these websites have an immense number of ads, you may want to install an ad-blocker of some sort.  You’ll need to make sure that the site still works with its ads blocked. Some sites will not allow you to stream without ads, but with the number of pop-ups on these sites, ad blockers can be extremely beneficial.
  2. Use a VPN: A VPN is one of the best options for sports fans to watch their favorite teams without limitations. A VPN masks your identity, can speed up the streams, and unlock a wealth of other free sports streaming sites.
  3. Enable kill-switch: If you’re watching free sports streaming sites, you need to enable any kill-switches that are available. These switches will immediately stop the connection to the site in case your VPN gets disconnected so that your IP address never leaks.


There are many free sporting sites that have geo-blocks on their content. VPNs are a fast and easy way to get around geo-blocks and access your favorite sports content. A VPN helps you do a few things:
  • VPNs make your online activities safe and private from your ISP.
  • Users can boost speeds and enjoy smoother streaming by connecting to servers close to the site’s servers.
  • Many VPNs work diligently to ensure that their platforms work on all of the world’s top streaming sites. 
You’ll have the option to stream from the list of free sites above with a VPN, but the right service will open up hundreds of other streaming options.


ExpressVPN. The platform that ExpressVPN has built over the years far surpasses the competition, with apps on virtually every device on the planet. You also have the option of connecting to:
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  • Streaming directly to your television
  • Using military-grade encryption
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