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Sitelock VPN Review: Pricey, But Should You Buy It?

Vonn Consul - VPN Expert Reviewer

In today’s interconnected world, VPNs have become a cornerstone for many when it comes to internet safety and privacy. Among the myriad of options available, SiteLock VPN has often caught the eyes of prospective buyers, mainly for its price tag. But the essential question remains: Is it worth your hard-earned cash?

Dive with me into this SiteLock VPN review, where I’ll dissect its features, weigh its pros and cons, and ultimately help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you. Buckle up!

Speed & Performance

Choosing safe and secure browsing shouldn’t lead to slow loading times. There’s nothing as frustrating as having to suffer through a movie that’s constantly interrupted because of a slow connection.

So whether you’re looking for a VPN download for your smartphone or a VPN for PC, download speeds matter most. While it’s only natural that your connection slows down just a little bit, it should really hardly be noticeable.

For this VPN review, we tested SiteLock’s speed and efficiency during regular use. The VPN comparison was done using speedtest.net and involved both an inactive and active VPN connection.

Please note that your experience may vary based on your ISP and location, among other things.

speed performance of sitelock

When we ran a speed test, the maximum we hit was 84.93Mbps download speed and 33.93Mbps upload speed. And that’s when we were connected to the server recommended as the “best location”.

speed performance sitelock 1

By contrast, switching the VPN off almost doubled our connection speed — 225.87 Mbps download speed and 36.11 Mbps upload speed:

It’s clear to see that especially download speeds have decreased dramatically. Uploads speeds have gone down just slightly. But while download speed decreased a lot, it’s still fairly fast and might not go down as much if you don’t have as fast a connection to begin with.

General browsing and streaming were great. However, we did experience a few interruptions during gaming, but only during heavy use.

Another – rather big – hiccup is that Netflix did not allow us to watch any content. So if you’re using SiteLock to avoid geo-blocks, it might not work for you.

SiteLock offers 34 server locations in 20 countries. And while they mention on their site that they offer over 40 locations, we were unable to count the same number. They do however, offer over 1000 servers, which is absolutely fantastic compared to most other VPN providers.

It’s also worth mentioning that we did not find any IP or DNS leak.

Security & Privacy

Apart from speed, security and privacy should be top of mind when choosing the right VPN for you. Being able to securely browse online is, of course, the #1 reason to use a VPN in the first place.

However, while most providers promise the world on their homepage, it’s not always a given.

One of SiteLock’s risk factors is the fact that the service is located in the US. There are no mandatory data retention laws, but the US is infamous for targeting tech companies that offer privacy services to their customers.

For the purpose of this VPN review, we checked SiteLock’s protocols, log policy and kill switch availability.

SiteLock collects quite a bit of information through the website the moment someone signs up to use their service. In its privacy policy it explicitly guarantees a no-logs policy, and does not record any session information, IP address or any other data when using its VPN connections.

SiteLock also uses various protocols, such as IKEv2 for Windows and Mac. Android uses OpenVPN, while iOS can rely on IVEv2.

In addition, it offers L2TP and IPsec.

The VPN provider ensures a smooth experience by combining a kill switch with an auto-reconnect function. So whenever your connection drops, the kill switch will keep all your data safe, while the auto-reconnect function ensures that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Device Compatibility

If you are looking for a VPN provider for PC or smartphone, SiteLock is sure to offer what you’re looking for.

They offer support for the following browsers and operating systems:

sitelock compatibility

At the time of writing, SiteLock does not offer any support for Linux or third-party apps.

They do, however, offer a PDF with clear and thorough instructions on how to use their VPN. While it’s not usually needed thanks to the easy-to-use interface, it is a nice back-up in case you ever get stuck.

Tech Support

SiteLock claims to offer 24/7 customer support for all their products. Support is limited to email or phone. A toll-free phone number is available for customers residing in the US. For those outside the States, international rates apply.

We contacted tech support through their contact form, but days have passed without a reply.

It must be said, though, that they have an excellent and very thorough FAQ in which you might find the answer to your question.

SiteLock is not just a VPN provider, but also offers various other security products. The product page is not very thorough when it comes to information about its VPN service and you might have to rely on their poor customer service to get your questions answered.


We can’t offer a great VPN review without an in-depth analysis of cost.

SiteLock, much like every other VPN out there, offers three different packages at different price points. The longer you subscribe to their service, the less you pay per month for their VPN.

SiteLock offers a 1-month, 1-year and 2-year plan. The monthly package is of course the most expensive option, but it also allows you to take their service for a test-drive without committing to a longer subscription.

The 2-year plan offers 40% savings on the monthly plan.

Again, like with most VPNs, SiteLock bills the entire amount upfront, so there is no option to pay monthly for a yearly plan.

The main difference between the plans is price, there is no difference in features. SiteLock does not offer a free trial, but you can request a refund up to 30 days after your purchase.

The screenshot below shows the various plans they have on offer. Make sure to check out their website for their most up-to-date packages.


  • 1 Month | $9.99 
  • 2 Years | $3.99
  • 1 Year | $5.99



SiteLock VPN might be a good option for beginners who are looking for an easy-to-use VPN to secure their browsing.

Note that it’s not the most budget-friendly VPN and is not recommended if you’re looking to circumvent geo-blocking.

Their software is safe to use, however, and with over 1000+ servers, you have a variety to choose from.

The thing that stands out most is their lack of timely customer service on the one hand, and the great security of their servers on the other. You’ll have to decide what you value most.

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