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How to Keep Your Data Secure in

Vonn Consul - VPN Expert Reviewer

Data security is something you can’t afford to ignore any longer in 2019. There are more threats and dangers out there than you realize, and your data could be hugely vulnerable without you knowing it. Taking your data’s security for granted is only going to cause you problems going forward, so don’t fall into that complacency trap.

To help you understand more about the importance of data security, we’re going to discuss the dangers and vulnerabilities you might face, and then we’ll discuss some of the steps you should take to improve your approach to data security going forward.

The Dangers and Vulnerabilities You Should Be Aware Of

There are many dangers out there and vulnerabilities that might apply to you. Here are the ones that you definitely need to be aware of and understand better.

How to keep your data secure

Using Public Wifi

When you use public Wifi, you make it easier for people who want to steal your data to do exactly that. It’s often the case that the security associated with these public networks is severely lacking and sometimes doesn’t exist at all, leaving users like you unprotected and vulnerable.

Hacking and Cybercrimes

Most people assume that they’re not going to be targeted by hackers and cybercriminals, but that can be a naive assumption to make. Anyone can be targeted by these criminals and it’s the people who don’t suspect they’ll ever be targeted that can be most vulnerable and easily fooled.

Viruses and Other Malicious Programs

Viruses and malicious programs like ransomware can impact all kinds of people. It’s not just large businesses that are targeted by these things and they can all be disastrous for your data. Every year, people lose data and can’t retrieve it because of problems relating to viruses and other malicious software.

Using Unsecured Websites

You should always be careful about which websites you visit because if they’re not secured, you could be left vulnerable while you use them. You should look for a padlock to the left of the website URL. This tells you that your connection to the website is secured and you’re safe to use it.

Weak Passwords

We can all be guilty of choosing simple passwords or using the same passwords for every account we have. This is risky, however, and it’s certainly not advisable. If you want to keep yourself and your data secure, you need to use strong and varied passwords.

Ways You Can Keep Your Data and Network Secure

Now that you understand the dangers and threats to your data security, we’re going to look at some of the ways in which you can keep your data and network more secure going forward.

Use a VPN Service

One of the key things a VPN does is hide your IP address, and this is important because it makes it hard or impossible for third parties to track you. You can then keep yourself and your data more secure and avoid the risk of things like identity theft, so it’s certainly worth using a VPN service if you’re not doing so already.

Only Use Secure Networks

Be more selective about the networks you connect to and use on a day-to-day basis. Simply being more aware of these things and not making yourself needlessly vulnerable will make a difference to your overall data security, so keep it in mind.

Back Up Your Data

You never know what might happen to your data. Even if you take steps to ensure it’s as secure as it can be, things can still go wrong unexpectedly. That’s why you should back up your data so you always have a copy ready to access. It’ll mean your data won’t be lost completely if something does go wrong.

Patch and Update

Software patches and updates are often released because the developers have fixed a security flaw or exploit in the software. That’s why you should always download and install these updates. It’s easy to ignore them and carry on as usual but that could put your data at risk.

Virus Management

Good antivirus software needs to be in place on all the devices you use. That’s the only way to prevent viruses and manage their removal quickly when necessary. It’s not something anyone can afford to ignore.

Data security is something everyone should be informed about. If you know that your current approach to data and network security is lacking somewhat, you should take the time to consider the ideas mentioned above. Taking those steps will help you to keep your data safe and secure going forward.

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